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7 Reasons Why Gas Oven Is The Best For Cooking



Gas ovens are the best alternative to electric ovens, fueled by LPG (butane or propane). Cooking gas oven is the way to go for those who want a clean and pleasant cooking experience Cooking Gas ovens have long been used in commercial settings. However, the numerous benefits of cooking gas over other forms of energy makes it an attractive choice to homeowners. See why the 7 advantages you may want to consider below:



A cooking gas oven heats up and cools down faster than an electric oven. Warming begins as soon as you turn on the cooking gas. Equally, cooking will stop just as soon as the gas is turned off. Far less energy is consumed in the on-off process unlike an electric oven. You need to allow the electric coils in the oven to heat up sufficiently before cooking actually begins. When turned off, the electric oven will take a while before it cools. Yet the energy in motion isn’t quite being used effectively. This makes a gas oven a better choice in terms of energy efficiency.



Because of the energy efficiency of cooking gas, it costs less than electricity. If you do a lot of baking, an oven fueled by natural gas may make a better choice for you. Overall, you are bound to meet higher costs on electricity bills with an electric oven, which utilizes more energy to operate.




Most gas appliances have low maintenance. Electric ovens usually have more frequent maintenance needs. Replacement of faulty oven parts becomes necessary more often with electric than gas ovens. This allows you to cut down on overall home maintenance costs.



Power outage can ruin your meal preparation when using an electric oven. With cooking gas, you need not be worried about outages, effects of bad weather, or energy supply. Once a gas line is installed, it is always available whenever turned on.



A cooking gas oven gives you greater control over your cooking temperature. Warm-up time is less with gas. Once you turn off the oven, cooking stops almost immediately. The instant on-off feature with gas cooking gives you complete freedom in good cooking. With electricity you need to allow some time for the oven to cool down. Some dishes may be affected by the prolonged high temperatures. Cooking gas also cooks food more evenly than electricity. Gas ovens will give you better results in cooking.



Oven cooked dishes turn out better with cooking gas. It does not dry the dishes because it allows a moist cooking environment. Foods that are baked using cooking gas ovens turn out perfect. Electric ovens frequently dry food.



Gas ovens have a longer life span than electric ovens. Frequent power outages can affect certain parts of your electric oven. The coils also tend to wear out with time. Wear and tear is quicker if the oven is heavily used.However, once you buy a gas oven and set up your gas supply, you’ve pretty much made a lifetime investment.

Welcome to the Gas side of Life.

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Everything you need to know about LPG Storage tanks

A liquefied petroleum gas (propane) storage tank is a pressure vessel used to store the major component media, liquefied petroleum gas (propane). At 50°C, the storage medium's saturation vapour pressure is less than or equal to 1.63MPa, and H2S solubility is less than 7.7mg/L. Above-ground storage tanks and subsurface storage tanks are the two types. LPG is suitable for both domestic and industrial usage, but it can be dangerous if you don't utilise it properly or follow the LPG storage tank requirements. Kiakiagas is a leading company in getting you the best quality of LPG tanks that are manufactured in line with the USA and Nigeria governments’ requirements. You will get to know that there are several specialised techniques to keep and maintain an LPG storage tank that you should never overlook, when you engage us to provide you a quality and durable LPG tanks. We will guide you through the regulations for storage to ensure maximum safety of the product.
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It is just as important to have a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) connection as it is to have an electricity connection, as they are both necessities that people cannot survive without. Natural gas extraction and crude oil refining produce LPG as a by-product. LPG is a combination of hydrocarbon gases, with butane and propane being the most common. LPG is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas at room temperature. It changes into a liquid state at low pressure or at colder temperatures. This technique reduces the volume of the gaseous aggregate state to 1/250 of its original size, making it easier to store and transport LPG in cylinders. For safety reasons, a LPG cylinder is only filled with 80% liquid while the remaining 20% contains gaseous LPG.