NCDMB Nogtech Incubation and Demo- Day

GAS360 is here to improve your experience with Cooking Gas. We are here for you. Never would you have to run out of gas - ever.

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NCDMB Nogtech Incubation and Demo- Day

In spite of the hurdles 2020 came with, we were able to record achievements worthy of note. One of which is partaking in the recently concluded Nogtech Incubation and Demo Day program. The Nogtech Incubation program was the next phase for the 5 winning teams at the Nogtech Hackathon. The program was sponsored by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), and there was clear professionalism and excellence in all activities we participated in.
Firstly, we appreciate the NCDMB for their financial assistance and their commitment to providing further assistance as the need comes. We appreciate Learners Support Consulting for organizing this amazing initiative. We appreciate our world class facilitators and mentors, who availed themselves to help us with their expertise and their network in both the tech industry and the oil and gas sector. We appreciate our colleagues who participated in the incubation program as we were all of assistance to ourselves.
Into 2021; GAS360 would begin beta testing on a date to be communicated at a later time. We would also release improved versions of our technology to ensure our customers receive the best service possible. This is in line to ensure a commercial roll-out of our highly anticipated product which ensures you never run out of gas. Our product also ensures you have no worries with safety while using LPG.
GAS360 is here to improve your experience with Cooking Gas. We are here for you. Never would you have to run out of gas - ever. Thank you and have an amazing year ahead.

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Consuming liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is becoming increasingly essential in Nigeria, particularly now that the government is advocating for the use of Autogas. Previously, LPG was only used in the kitchen and for other large-scale industrial applications. There is a desperate demand for it right now. There is a money-making potential in this entire situation, and you cannot afford to pass it up. If you've ever considered establishing a LPG business, you should give gas distribution business a go today, at least on a modest scale. This is due not just to the fact that everyone cooks, but also to the fact that next-generation automobiles are built to use it. Kiakiagas is a company that has vast experience in the building of gas projects in quick time. Our platform provides data to support infrastructural development in the gas value chain. Our management platform allows you to monitor the progress of your project in real time with our real time project monitoring. We offer a variety of services that cater for every stage of your project development.
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