Launched in August 2015 Kiakia Gas Limited (RC:1226776) is a registered Liability company in Nigeria as a last mile LPG delivery service using technology to deliver LPG (cooking gas) to households in Nigeria, we have expanded our scope to include consulting & Analytics, smart-engineering & manufacturing and B2B bulk distribution. The importance of technology and governance policy in accelerating sustainable transitions cannot be overstated.

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Launched in August 2015 Kiakia Gas Limited (RC:1226776) is a registered Liability company in Nigeria as a last mile LPG delivery service using technology to deliver LPG (cooking gas) to households in Nigeria, we have expanded our scope to include consulting & Analytics, smart-engineering & manufacturing and B2B bulk distribution. The importance of technology and governance policy in accelerating sustainable transitions cannot be overstated.
Renewable and low-carbon energy sources are part of the policy mix. Because the ongoing energy transition necessitates the construction of new infrastructure or the modification of existing infrastructure, the business model is crucial. Our model for determining the locational efficiency of gas plant set-up and distribution of LPG across the country is providing immerse leverage in this regard. Market Demand Modelling and Valuation We are the only end-to-end LPG Company that has been building capacity internally for the modelling and measurement of demand for LPG as well as understanding consumer behaviour across cities and on the national level in Nigeria. This modelling and valuation efforts are helping us define how to approach various market segments and market entry strategies. Our market analytics and intelligence for the LPG and energy market of Nigeria is opening new opportunities for the company, and for overall market development
Online Energy Outfit
Kiakiagas is the Nigeria’s first online energy outfit offering outstanding, quick & safe delivery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and its related products to Nigerian homes and industries. The company has evolved into an energy solutions company creating a future in which gas will lead the transition of the African energy space from traditional forms of energy to renewable forms of energy making energy available to the last mile consumers from urban areas to off-grid areas.
Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an essential tool for achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals by leveraging on ecommerce as a platform to buy cooking gas and related products to the door step of every Nigerian household and industry in a convenient manner, while also providing multiple payment options such as cash on delivery, POS, and payment by credit card. Like all other eCommerce platforms, users simply book for cooking gases by visiting the website and logging in, choosing a cylinder that suits their need, selecting a payment method, and then waiting for their items to be delivered at their doorstep. The platform also offer free delivery of cooking gas to every home within 45minutes.
Kiakia Gas has managed to turn the idea of buying cooking gas online in Nigeria into a mainstream culture by providing convenient booking platforms, excellent customer service, and the use of technology to ensure accurate quantity filling, safety and quality assurance of cylinders and accessories, as well as quick delivery service, resulting in a higher percentage of Nigerian homemakers and industries calling for the company to expand.
Cylinder Manufacturing
Early in 2021, as part of our strategic plan to expand the downstream LPG market, we started building the biggest cylinder production facility in Nigeria. This is our plan for easing the switch to LPG for 100,000 non-LPG users in Nigeria over the next five years.
Coastal Storage and Ship Loading/Offloading Infrastructure
By building a 13,00MT LPG coastal storage and ship loading/offloading infrastructure for Nigerian & West African markets, we intend to enhance our development of the gas market and value chain in Nigeria and West Africa. The Terminal is also planned to include a scalable Thermal IP, a 500MW power plant that will use local LPG production as a backup fuel source in addition to the plentiful natural gas supplies that surround the project location. LPG Industry Technology
Kiakiagas, which garnered more funding to help her realize her bold vision of becoming Nigeria's and Sub-Saharan Africa's leading cooking gas brand, was also recognized as a First of its Kind in the Ecommerce and Natural Gas Industries, respectively, by receiving an award at the FIRST OF ITS KIND AWARDS organized by TFK media Limited, continues to set the standard for other cooking gas dealers to follow.
Over a period of seven years, Kiakia gas has been able to distribute 300,000 metric tonnes (mt) of LPG nationwide at affordable price. The company has developed not only LPG feasibility study but also installation of LPG plants for over fifty companies in Nigeria. The company deals in LPG engineering, data report, consulting and offer courses relating to learning materials to improve knowledge on areas related to gas and engineering. The company procured best LPG plant products with higher quality from USA, Germany and UK.
The MISSION of the company is simple: To use gas to bridge the energy access between traditional forms of energy and renewable forms of energy.
The company has consistently planned, strategized, trained, researched and attended international and national conferences (see plate 2 &3 below) with the sole purpose of actualizing its mission of bridging the energy access between the conventional forms of energy and renewable forms of energy.
Kiakiagas developed a telemetry GSM tracking of gas usage based system which tracks consumers usage of gas, detects leakage and automatically orders .This device sends a high priority message to the customer and to us as a company to give notification of a leakage”.This is new, and high laudable. With millions of Nigerian homes depending on cooking gases, KiaKia gas has a chance to dominate in this uncharted space.
Most industrialized countries have built legal structures to strengthen the use of clean energy sources in accordance with sustainable development goals to ensure that the environment is protected from the use of filthy energy. The pursuit of sustainable energy and advancement of LPG development is central to the Kiakia gas not only in Nigeria but also in Africa. This explained the presence of the company experts in Germany for the production of LPG SMART METER to facilitate the consumption of LPG in African communities.
Smart meter has the potential to help businesses and communities in Nigeria and African to harmonize their pressing health, climate, clean cooking, and environmental goals, as they can now consume LPG as low as they want. This bridges the gap of inability of the low income households to use LPG due to high price per kilogram. It reduces distribution costs as several households can consume LPG from a large gas cylinder. Businesses that are concentrated in an industrial area will as well benefit from a large gas tank with the aid of smart meter. The result is increased LPG access, as well as less accumulation of gas cylinder in African communities and business environment.
We are aware that using technology to enable us to reach the one million households will be necessary. As a result, we are developing technologies leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that make it simple to order LPG through established retail operators in close proximity to the homes from anywhere in the country. Additionally, this technological solution would make it possible to provide real-time data on LPG consumption in homes.
You can also advance your company level by engaging your customers through a well-planned internet of things (IoTs) with the use of latest information and communication technology. Either you are coming into the LPG industry as a fresher or you are an existing company that aims to expand LPG business, we are ready to provide you with feasibility study that can lead you straight to LPG business success.
A feasibility study examines all of your project's pertinent aspects, including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling issues, to determine the project's chances of success. Several elements influence whether your project is practical, including the project's cost and return on investment, or whether the initiative earned sufficient money or sales from consumers. A feasibility study, on the other hand, isn't just for projects that want to measure and estimate financial gains. In other words, depending on the industry and the project's purpose, practicality can mean different things. A feasibility study, for example, could determine if a liquefied petroleum gas plant can generate enough funds through cooking gas sales and sales of gas equipment to increase the return on investment (ROI). A feasibility study determines if a proposal or project is feasible. A feasibility study examines a project's viability to see if it has a chance of succeeding. The research will also look for any challenges and problems that may occur as a result of the project's implementation.
In order to determine how and where a cooking gas plant should be built, the DPR, as the federal government's regulatory authority, must be consulted, as well as an expert in the subject. The Kiakiagas Nigeria Limited, which has a solid reputation for establishing gas plants that include not only LPG but also CNG/LNG, auto gas, oxygen plants, and shipping, is the proper and finest option to consider. Our crew is up to the task, and we follow the DPR's instructions by using imported goods. Our staff has undergone extensive training to ensure that installations are carried out using the most up-to-date technology. We can also assist you in obtaining the appropriate permissions and ensuring that all gas pumps and dispensing systems are approved and tested extensively. KIAKIAGAS is a one-stop-shop for all things gas, from pipeline to pump. As an added bonus for convenience stores, KIAKIAGAS carries leading gas pump and dispense equipment manufacturers such as Casper.
KiakiaGas Limited is a leading Gas business in Lagos, Nigeria with expertise in LPG retailing, New Gas Market development, Building of Gas Plants and Gas strategy advisory. Supply by KiakiaGas provides LPG products and equipment for corporate and institutional clients for the project and operational needs. If you need a partner with hands-on local expertise in the Nigerian Gas space or any of our bespoke solutions/services, kindly visit to learn more.

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A crucial component of human life is energy. Reliable access to modern, reasonably priced energy is essential for a country's social and economic development. Traditional dirty-burning fuels used for cooking, such as coal, wood, and kerosene, produce large amounts of pollutants and carbon monoxide, which are the main contributors to indoor air pollution and its negative health impacts. Continual use of unclean fuels may result in early deaths, an increase in childhood and adult illnesses, associated environmental problems, and stress on the healthcare system, according to experts. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) was found in the search for cooking energy that would protect our environment from pollution. LPG is a type of energy that is used in cooking. It is produced by refining raw natural gas or crude oil that comes only from fossil fuel sources. It is kept and moved in LPG cylinders at a reasonable amount of pressure as a liquid. Propane and butane make up the majority of the gases created during the LPG production process. The first online energy company in Nigeria, Kiakiagas, provides excellent, prompt, and safe delivery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and related products to Nigerian households and businesses. The company has developed into an energy solutions provider, paving the way for a future in which gas will drive the switchover of the African energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable sources, bringing electricity to consumers in the last mile from urban to off-grid areas.
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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is widely used for cooking around the world, but to a lesser level in most underdeveloped countries. LPG is a nonrenewable source of energy. However, when compared to cooking with hardwood or charcoal, it is commonly known that using LPG has few recorded negative health impacts. One of the main drivers of deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa is the demand for firewood and charcoal as a source of cooking energy. Increasing the usage of LPG is one of the options for reducing the strain on forest resources. Cooking with biomass produces both greenhouse gas emissions and indoor pollution from black carbon. Kiakiagas has endeavor to reach different classes of people and orientate them on the benefit of LPG to their health. We also give information about how LPG is a more cost-effective, faster, and environmentally friendly cooking method than conventional methods. Following the increase in gas prices, many individuals were seeking for strategies to extend the life of their cooking gas. It's possible and easy to extend the life of your gas. Utilizing these suggestions will help you save a lot of money. Here, we come with a list on how you can conserve your cooking gas and make it last longer:
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It is well known that the cost of food has climbed significantly in recent months along with the price of cooking gas, making life difficult for a large number of people. For the typical Nigerian household, cooking gas has turned into a luxury good. Bravo if you still have the means to fill yours to the brim! You don't come across people who can easily and comfortably fill up their gas cylinders every day. Every residence is frantically looking for ways to adapt to this change and extend the gas supply. On a more positive side, we have developed useful advice that will lessen how frequently you visit the petrol station. We have heard the word "savings" so frequently that we are accustomed to it. Many things can be saved, but we have no idea how to do it with LPG. Everyone encounters this question on a daily basis. Is there a way to conserve LPG for cooking? There is, and it's not particularly complicated. Your cooking style only needs a few little tweaks here and there to work. To learn some crucial advice on how to conserve household LPG, scroll down.